Brain Child Fund is proud to announce that we have partnered with Family Hope Center to bring HOPE to Special Needs Families in South Africa!

The Family Hope Center empowers parents of children with special needs to get in the 'driver's seat' of their child's development. Focused on growing and healing the brain, this international organization has helped over 17, 000 families to create better futures for their children through effective partnerships with The Family Hope Center team and through an understanding of its proven scientific approach.

Brain Child Fund is a South African organization that helps special needs families to build a sustainable support structure around them to ensure that they finish strong, enabling them to sustainably do the Family Hope Center program.

For more info, questions , feedback or help to raise funds in order to attend the course, contact Hannes Viljoen at or Whatsapp: +1 267 304 2642

Connect to Family Hope Center

1 ) Family Hope Center will be presenting their amazing Parent Training Conference in South Africa annually during the month of February. Contact the Family Hope Center team for more information at

2) Click on this link to learn more about the background, philosophy and results of the Family Hope Center.

3) Take time to go through the videos (training and testimonials) to gain more understanding on the work of the Family Hope Center in order to make an informed decision on whether or not this is the route you want to take in your journey with your child. The videos deal with various diagnosis such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD, Epilepsy and Developmental Delays. 

For more information regarding Family Hope Center programs, or the 3-Day Parent Training Program "How to Help Your Child with Special Needs", please contact us at +00-1-610-397-1737, or

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