Mariska's Testimony


The Labuschagne Family

Front: Dewald (11), Mariska (9)                                    Back: Emile and Vicky

Mariska's story

"Hope is the ability to believe in something that you can't see. And then hope turns into something amazing that moment it manifests into reality. We have searched high and low to find something that works for our daughter. At last we found it. We found an organized that equipped us to take charge of Mariska's therapy and this gave us tools to measure her progress faster than conventional therapies.

Mariska is nine years old. She was diagnosed with Focal Cortical Dysplasia soon after her first seizure at age four. Uncontrollable partial seizures in her right frontal lobe. Thirteen Epileptic drugs did not succeed, Two brain operations did not stop it and left her with a minor stroke, many status epileptic hospital stays, tests and blood work. "This could not be it? What else was there?" we asked ourselves.

We started looking beyond her seizures to find the root cause to learn more about her condition. She was developmentally delayed due to all the trauma, seizures and seizure medication. All the odds were stacked against her but then......

Mariska started her Family Hope Center Program in May 2017. She started growing after previously wearing the the same size clothes for three years. We saw improvement in her vocabulary, her ability to focus, social interaction, hand writing, reading and her self confidence.

My child is on a journey that will change the outcome of her future thanks to the Brain Child Fund that introduced us to the Family Hope Center. They have impacted Mariska and our lives and I am so happy that my child is thriving." - Vicky Labuschagne from Gauteng, South Africa