Viljoen Family

Hannes and Jana Viljoen are a South African couple who have four children and three of them have brain-injury.

Kyna (13 years old) is the eldest daughter who suffered a pediatric stroke and partial paralysis at the tender age of 13 months. Gian (age 12) has Down Syndrome. Leo (age10) is on the Autism spectrum. Abigale is a normal 9-year-old girl.

They are currently residing in the United States. The Viljoens had a miraculous journey with their own children who reached milestones they were never expected to reach. The couple couldn't deny the undeniable call upon their hearts to bring this HOPE to other special needs families.

The couple founded BRAIN CHILD FUND and partnered with FAMILY HOPE CENTER to bring this HOPE to other South African Special Needs.

The next 3-day Parent Training Course(PTC) presented by the Family Hope Center team will take place during 9,10&11 February 2018 at The Farm Inn in Pretoria, South Africa. Click here for more info.


Watch a short video about the Viljoen's journey






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